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Lanovara Bakery

Each day our bakery makes delicious Italian pastries and cookies by hand from old world recipes. Our filled pastries are frozen and when thawed, deliver the same flavor, texture and consistency as when they were made. Enjoy.


Cannoli - The classic Italian desert! Our cannoli are hand rolled, taking care to obtain the perfect cannoli shape. The cannoli shells are fried golden brown and crisp. We offer a wide variety of fillings, both traditional and unique. Our cannoli are also available in a smaller, “mini” size.
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Puffs Puff Pastry - Our puff pastry is an irresistible delicacy! Lanovara makes beautiful crème puffs and éclairs, both available in “mini” size. The mini puffs are available in a wide variety of flavors and make a beautiful presentation.
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spacerMoon Cookies Moon Cookies - Who doesn’t love a cookie that tastes like a cake? At Lanovara we bake vanilla and chocolate moons, and top them with a variety of icings. We offer many Lanovara originals, as well as the classic half moon cookie.
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Brownies Brownies - Our brownies are frosted with a chocolate fudge icing, or a peanut butter icing, and then drizzled in melted chocolate. The chocolate fudge frosted brownies are also available with walnuts on top. The brownies are precut, with 36 servings per pan. Brownies are also available uniced, and or, uncut.
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Sugar Waffles Sugar Waffles - Our Sugar Waffles are made on special irons dipped in hot oil and cooked to a perfect crispness. This is a very special product! The waffles are light and delicate and tons of fun! They are available topped with powdered sugar, chocolate dipped, or chocolate dipped with rainbow sprinkles.
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Italian Cookies Italian Cookies – Packaged and Bulk- At Lanovara, we make many wonderful varieties of cookies. We have traditional “S” cookies for dipping or enjoying straight from the package, and a variety of small tea cookies. These cookies come packaged for the grocers’ shelf, or are available in bulk.